Improving Performance of Education Students in Mathematics in the Modern World by Relay Teaching Method


  • Joseph G. Taban University of Northern Philippines
  • Norie T. Tactay University of Northern Philippines
  • Archie A. Martinez University of Northern Philippines


Relay teaching, Collaboration, Enrichment activities, Education students, ANCOVA


In the Philippines, Mathematics in the Modern World is offered to tertiary level students as one of the general education courses in almost programs. This course comprises various mathematics disciplines that aims to expose undergraduate students to various domains of knowledge and ways of comprehending social and natural realities, developing intellectual competencies and civic capacities. Through collaborative teaching, particularly on having more than one instructor in a class could offer a blending of expertise, complementary personalities, and a balanced approach to grading. Thus, relay teaching method was used. The relay teaching method in this study refers to taking turns in succession in teaching students the different lessons on Data Management as a selected topic in Mathematics in the Modern World. This study utilized the pretest-posttest research design with no control group, with three groups of education students were subjected to the relay teaching method. The performances of the students during the pretest and posttest were measured using a valid and reliable multiple-choice type of test. The mean, t-test, and ANCOVA were used to analyze the data. To summarize the feedback of students, it employed qualitative data analysis. The findings of the study revealed that there is an improvement in the level of performance of the students on data management with the implementation of the relay teaching method. The performance of the students before and after exposure to relay teaching was significantly different. The BTLEd students have significantly better performance than the BPEd students. The relay teaching method significantly helped improve the performance of the BTLEd students as compared to the BPEd students. The use of relay teaching could be more effective with enrichment activities such as coaching and sharing of lecture notes, social networking, and the use of social media and the internet.




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