Experiences of Teachers who were never Promoted until Retirement


  • Glenn A. Guira Schools Division Office of Ilocos Sur
  • Arnel Doctolero Ilocos Sur Community College


Struggles, teachers, recognition, thematic analysis, phenomenology, themes and subthemes


Teaching is globally respected and forms the foundation of educational frameworks around the world. This study explored the stories of teachers who were unpromoted until retirement despite their dedication. The literature has neglected this set of educators' struggles. This research illuminates these teachers' struggles since their tales are crucial to understanding teacher recognition and career growth. This phenomenological research seeks to comprehend instructors who earned no advancements during their careers. By exploring their lives, the study highlights their distinct emotional and professional obstacles. Qualitative phenomenology was used to study participants and complex experiences. Semi-structured face-to-face interviews were done with teachers who have never been promoted. The themes confronted without job development are shown by their perspectives. Face-to-face interviews provide in-depth participant insights. Recorded, transcribed, and analyzed interviews revealed narrative themes and patterns. Interview topics were extracted and analyzed using thematic analysis. This strategy helped participants identify common challenges and experiences. Professional stagnation, emotional toll, student dedication, and promotion-centric culture emerged from the thematic analysis. Teachers who were never promoted encounter several obstacles. Their frequently disregarded stories highlight the need for more inclusive and supportive school career advancement strategies. Addressing these issues is crucial to teachers’ well-being and motivation. The study's findings affect education and policy. Recognizing teachers who were never promoted until retirement emphasizes their devotion and accomplishments. It argues for inclusive career progression and support networks that prioritize all teachers' professional growth and wellbeing. 




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