A Sequential-Explanatory Study on the Financial Literacy of Women Farmers in Ilocos Sur


  • Maria Sofia Guiller T. Tomaneng University of Northern Philippines
  • Reynalyn D. Amistad University of Northern Philippines
  • Jasmine Mild B. Ato University of Northern Philippines
  • Sophia O. Chan University of Northern Philippines
  • Francine Nicole C. Custodio Far Eastern University
  • Bonifacio Jonelle D. Peruna University of Northern Philippines
  • Adrienne Bianca C. Solian University of Northern Philippines
  • Christian S. Domondon University of Northern Philippines


Agriculture, financial literacy, mixed-methods, sequential-explanatory, women farmers


Women farmers are underrepresented in Philippine society. Their existence and hard work are often disregarded and undervalued. This is apparent in localities where agriculture is the leading source of income. This sequential-explanatory study inquired about women farmers' financial literacy level and lived experiences in four municipalities in the 1st District of Ilocos Sur, where most women farmers are located. The study utilized a problem-solving test and survey questionnaires to determine the literacy level of women farmers in terms of knowledge, attitude and behavior, and skills. At the same time, a semi-structured interview was done for the qualitative aspect of the study. Frequency and percentage, mean, and thematic analysis were used to analyze the data. Results showed that women farmers exhibited low financial knowledge and skills and a high financial attitude and behavior, resulting in an average financial literacy. Challenges influenced by their low financial knowledge and skills were due to environmental and social factors. Meanwhile, their high financial attitude and behavior positively impacted their lived farming experiences. Moreover, their exposure to selling, budgeting, saving, and engaging with banking institutions contributed to their average financial literacy. Therefore, the study recommends programs and training implementations by the government to improve the farmers' financial literacy further and empower women farmers. 




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Maria Sofia Guiller T. Tomaneng, Reynalyn D. Amistad, Jasmine Mild B. Ato, Sophia O. Chan, Francine Nicole C. Custodio, Bonifacio Jonelle D. Peruna, Adrienne Bianca C. Solian, & Christian S. Domondon. (2023). A Sequential-Explanatory Study on the Financial Literacy of Women Farmers in Ilocos Sur . The Asian Journal of Education and Human Development (AJEHD), 4(1). Retrieved from https://ajehd.unp.edu.ph/index.php/ajehd/article/view/73