Navigating Educational Leadership Challenges: Transformations and Policy Implications for Filipino Principals


  • Jesher Edrei Perez University of the Philippines, College of Music


Educational leadership, transformation, principals, systematic literature review, educational challenges


This study explored the multifaceted challenges confronting Filipino school principals in primary education. It synthesized and analyzed eight significant leadership challenges: corruption, political involvement, socio-economic disparities, systemic Department of Education issues, curriculum challenges, principal-centeredness, religious diversity, and the impact of regional military conflicts. To address these challenges effectively, the research proposes several strategies. Firstly, it recommends adopting a distributed leadership model, promoting collaboration among all education stakeholders. Shifting away from a principal-centered approach can alleviate managerial burdens and enhance teaching and learning quality. The study also emphasizes the need for a cultural shift in educational leadership. Principals should actively engage in re-culturing efforts to instill new values, beliefs, and norms within their school communities, fostering a more conducive learning environment and encouraging innovative teaching practices. At the national level, policy reforms are essential to support principals. These reforms should include clear directives on religious instruction, combating corruption within the Department of Education, and revamping teacher support training programs for personal and professional development rather than mandatory attendance. In conclusion, this research underscores the intricate challenges faced by Filipino principals and proposes a roadmap for practical solutions. They embrace distributed leadership, initiate cultural change through reculturing, and implement national policy reforms to empower Filipino principals to lead their schools toward improved educational outcomes.




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