The Untold Stories of People Who Had Suicidal Ideations: A Phenomenological Study


  • Krista B. Manzano University of Northern Philippines
  • Pe R. Asuncion University of Northern Philippines
  • Blessie Ann R. Cabato University of Northern Philippines
  • Andrea Mae F. Jimenez University of Northern Philippines
  • Alyssa Jane B. Palacpac University of Northern Philippines
  • Cherry B. Banilad University of Northern Philippines


Suicide, ideations, real-life, experiences, young adult


This study explored and described the lived experiences of people who had suicidal ideations. It gathered information and real-life experiences to reveal the significant life stories of persons with suicidal thoughts. Descriptive phenomenology was employed to explore and describe the lived experiences of young adults who had suicidal ideation. The study included eight participants who were selected purposively. A semi-structured individual interview was utilized in gathering the data. Data analysis was done immediately after every data collection using Colaizzi's seven-step processes. This study has three central themes that emerged from the data which included a) emotional experience, b) life's crisis, and c) sparks of hope in life. The main themes are classified into eleven categories: the feeling of emptiness, feeling of worthlessness, feeling of emotional pain, feeling of giving up, family conflict, intrapersonal conflict, challenging life situations, isolation, restoration and installation of hope, sustaining positive relationships, and sense of life. This research revealed that all have their battles to fight. Coping with their issues, becoming independent, and trying to bridge the gap between their dear ones and, most importantly, with themselves entail emotional labor, as each participant from a different context with different backstories shared their unique experiences. Therefore, student nurses should uplift these vulnerable groups' spiritual values and morals and encourage them to vent their feelings to trusted friends. 




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Krista B. Manzano, Pe R. Asuncion, Blessie Ann R. Cabato, Andrea Mae F. Jimenez, Alyssa Jane B. Palacpac, & Cherry B. Banilad. (2023). The Untold Stories of People Who Had Suicidal Ideations: A Phenomenological Study . The Asian Journal of Education and Human Development (AJEHD), 4(1). Retrieved from