Itneg Mother’s Concessions: Perinatal Beliefs and Practices Unwrapped


  • Daryll Jeremy Virtudes University of Northern Philippines
  • Andrea Janella Labuni University of Northern Philippines
  • Hannah Kaye Tolentino University of Northern Philippines
  • Jamaica Tenorio University of Northern Philippines
  • Lilia Elizabeth Quitevis University of Northern Philippines
  • Glayza Mae Manzano University of Northern Philippines
  • Jantrix Ace Collado University of Northern Philippines
  • Nico Van Adrian Villahermosa University of Northern Philippines
  • Jevie A. Abella University of Northern Philippines


Perinatal, beliefs, practices, Itnegs


This study unwrapped and discussed the beliefs and practices of Itnegs during the perinatalperiod, particularly in the pregnancy, postpartum, and infant care phases. A descriptive phenomenology type of qualitative study was utilized to explore the beliefs and practices of theItnegs in Barangay Cadanglaan, Magsingal, Ilocos Sur. With all the revelations of the participants, the following conclusions were coiled: The first central theme is Neonatal andIntrapartal Care with two categories, Superstitious Beliefs and Practices, MultivitaminSupplementation, and Safety Measures; under this theme highlighted the beliefs and practicesthat they follow to attain good delivery of fetus and practices that may lessen the jeopardy ofcomplications that may lead to abortion and other complications of the mother and the fetus.The second theme is postpartum care, which has two categories: scientific and indigenousapproaches. This portion revealed that Itnegs have different beliefs and practices that focus onfaster healing of the mother and prevention of post-delivery complications of the fetus; all are anchored to the inherited knowledge from their predecessors. The third theme is Neonatal Care,with three categories, Protection Feeding Approaches and Home Remedies, which lean onprotecting against harm to the infant, both physiologic and superstitious claims. Lastly, the fourth theme is Introspections with two categories: Culture Adaptation and Culture Preservation,wherein these folks showed how worried they are about possibly eliminating these nativepractices and beliefs and how they adapted new practices. Itnegs are one of the IP groups with gazillions of practices and beliefs that are fascinating and tested over time. However, as days goon, these ancestral concepts weren't transmitted to the present generation, which gives anincreased possibility of being covered up by modern approaches. The revelation of these tribalconcepts is essential because they are not just considered manna but treasures sharpened bytime and challenged by the dynamic world.




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Daryll Jeremy Virtudes, Andrea Janella Labuni, Hannah Kaye Tolentino, Jamaica Tenorio, Lilia Elizabeth Quitevis, Glayza Mae Manzano, Jantrix Ace Collado, Nico Van Adrian Villahermosa, & Jevie A. Abella. (2023). Itneg Mother’s Concessions: Perinatal Beliefs and Practices Unwrapped. The Asian Journal of Education and Human Development (AJEHD), 4(1). Retrieved from