Emerging Themes in the Published Poems of Ilokano Women Writers


  • Juvie Lynne T. Almachar University of Northern Philippines




Ilokano Literature, Contemporary, Expressive, Reflections


The study aimed to analyze the themes that emerge in the writings of Ilokano women writers in the Ilocos Region. The study was limited to the profiling of Ilokano women writers in the Ilocos Region, who have published at least three poems in the contemporary period. The researcher utilized content analysis to identify the themes of the selected poems of the four Ilokano women writers of Region 1. The data were taken from published weekly magazine, Bannawag, and in other publications. The study made use of a survey questionnaire specifically used for gathering the details for the profile of the writers. Results of the study show that most of Ilokano women writers considered in this study are married, professionals, have published several other works in addition to poems, and are active members and officers of certain organizations, common among them is Gunglo Dagiti Mannurat nga Ilokano (GUMIL). Moreover, themes that emerge in the poems include those that relate to legacy, death, sense of appreciation and time. Lastly, the themes identified in the works reflect the profile of each of the Ilokano women writer. They reflect either their educational attainment, their past and present work, and their experiences.




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Juvie Lynne T. Almachar. (2020). Emerging Themes in the Published Poems of Ilokano Women Writers. The Asian Journal of Education and Human Development (AJEHD), 1(1). https://doi.org/10.69566/ajehd.v1i1.19