Work Environment of Probationers in Ilocos Sur


  • Dolores R. Bersamina University of Northern Philippines
  • Wilson R. Tolio University of Northern Philippines


Work, environment, probationers, challenges


This study aimed to determine the work environment of probationers in Ilocos Sur through the lens of 164 probationers. Survey questionnaires were used to discover the work environment of the probationers. The respondents are exposed to an uncomfortable work environment, confronted with a disagreeable relationship with their employers, poor rapport among their peers, and a lack of sense of belongingness, and their work is completely not suited to their abilities and does not satisfy their needs. Also, they faced challenges that would impede the very purpose of their probation. It is recommended that the parole and probation administration consider seeking related agencies' assistance to continuously, sustainably, and intensely provide psycho-social programs among the probationers and other stakeholders. Also, for the said agency to consider strengthening the rehabilitation programs to foster behavioral and attitudinal change in the probationers under their supervision.




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