A-R-T: The Way of Life of the Ilocano Creative-Arts Based Freelancers


  • Glenn Paul E. Briones University of Northern Philippines
  • Richel Royce T. Chan University of Northern Philippines
  • Aristotle P. Piamonte University of Northern Philippines
  • Princess Neptalia R. Quebral University of Northern Philippines


Creative arts, freelance, Ilocano, experiences, profession


Freelancing is an excellent option to augment income. It is appealing and popular among Filipinos, both professionals and non-professionals. The Province of Ilocos Sur offers a plethora of creative arts-based capacities that may be leveraged as creative business objects. The prospects for arts, crafts, and creative enterprise as a component of the creative economy in Ilocos Sur are depicted. The research defined what freelancing in the creative arts is all about and what it includes. The study investigated the difficulties they face in their personal lives, professions, and day-to-day lives as part-time workers and freelancers. To stand out, freelancers must adhere to the right ideals, regardless of the presence of barriers. ART is one of the rising values of freelancers that drives them to persevere in creating their identities in the industry. Further, certain recommendations were also articulated.




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Glenn Paul E. Briones, Richel Royce T. Chan, Aristotle P. Piamonte, & Princess Neptalia R. Quebral. (2022). A-R-T: The Way of Life of the Ilocano Creative-Arts Based Freelancers. The Asian Journal of Education and Human Development (AJEHD), 3(1). Retrieved from https://ajehd.unp.edu.ph/index.php/ajehd/article/view/40